“Sno Ho” by Ethan Day— Meet Boone Daniels

sno ho

Day, Ethan. “Sno Ho” (“Summit City, Number I), ADS reprint, 2015. 

Meet Boone Daniels 

Amos Lassen

Boone Daniels is a writer but he has a problem with finishing what he starts and not just in writing. He just doesn’t understand why this is the case. We meet him as he is spending a week at a ski-lodge in Summit City where he is waiting for his boyfriend, Philip, to come to celebrate their first anniversary. However, his boyfriend does not show and Boone understands that not only has he been dumped but also he is once again the victim of another of his own unfinished projects.

What was he to do? Thinking that a few drinks might make him feel better, he has a few cocktails and meets Wade Walker a ski-instructor and the town hero. They fall in love with each other on the spot.

Boone is a fascinating character—-I am not sure that he is a bright guy but he is lovable and sweet in all of his craziness. He certainly says what he thinks and gives the reader great laughs. On the other hand, Wade is his total opposite. I cannot imagine leaving anything unfinished (including Boone). He is something of the typical blonde-haired town hero with a certain self-assuredness that is quite endearing.

Boone is surprised to wake one morning to find himself sleeping next to Wade and he has no memory of how he got there, and makes an early morning escape before the guy wakes up but he does manage to get the name of the hunk. A bigger surprise came when he went to his ski lesson and found that the instructor was the very same hunk. That lesson did not go to well but that does not stop Wade from going after Boone. Being in a small town helped the situation because everyone knew Wade and also knew that he wanted Boone. This is a wonderful little diversion—a reader that not only makes you smile but also makes you laugh out loud. We do not get too many of those.