“The Fray” by Lourdes Skye— Two Brothers Dealing with Humanity

the fray

Skye, Lourdes. “The Fray”, Wilde City Press, 2015.

Two Brothers Dealing with Humanity

Amos Lassen

Two brothers who were both born in sin and two years apart were left to find their ways through life have a hard time dealing with humanity. Scythe is a vampire and his brother, Aric is a werewolf. Actually Scythe has an easier time than his brother who is totally destructive of the entire human race. After having been in the world for some seven hundred years, Scythe is in Atlanta where he has found his human partner, Kuster Kyndeli. Aric will have nothing to do with any of it.

The brothers cannot help wonder if they are spawn of Satan. Both of them are able to change who they are—Aric can become a wolf at will while Scythe can turn into a bat. They do not know how this came about but suspect that this ability as punishment for the kind of life their prostitute mother led and who had abandoned them.

Aric tends to be hateful and distrustful; Scythe tries to work with him on this but they end up parting ways because of his volatile nature. Scythe is determined to find out more about himself and as he does, he spends a hundred years with Azreal, a vampire where he learns all about being a vampire and how to use his powers. After breaking away from Azreal, he spends six hundred years saving up whatever money he can and trying to learn more yet all the while staying on the lookout for Azreal and Aric.

Ultimately he gets to Atlanta, meets Kuster who boyfriend had just walked out of their relationship and he and Scythe come together. It is here that craziness begins. Together the two have to deal with the themes of the paranormal world of vampires and shape shifters, werewolves, familial relationships and sex. We also get a look at male pregnancy. Granted the subject of vampires and werewolves has been overdone so Lourdes Skye, the writer, had to find a new approach to write about them and she does so brilliantly.

There is nothing serious here bit it is a fun read, Great literature it is not but not every book has to be such.

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