“Portrait of the Artist as a Young Swamp Thing” by Ann Zeddies— A Gay Teen

the portrait

Zeddies, Ann. “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Swamp Thing”, Lethe Press, 2015.

A Gay Teen

Amos Lassen

Instead of having the freedom to do what he wanted during summer vacation, Shane finds himself in a lakeside house with his parents and sharing a room with family friend Chase. He never considered that Chase might be an interesting person but he has noticed that he has gotten to be quite good-looking. What Shane did not understand is that the two have a great deal in common but as the summer passes, he understands that there is something they can share.

Shane wanted badly to be a member of the cool kids but he also knows that he is different. This is Shane’s story of a young guy trying to be a member of the cool gang even though he knows that he is not the kind of guy that the others would want to be around. He does not yet understand the concept of being who he is and so it seems that his identity is not yet fully formed.

Because this is such a read I had the feeling that there was much more that I wanted to know about Shane but then again that could have been the author’s reason for not fully developing him. Readers could then project themselves into his character and think about how they might have acted in the same situation.

I see the seeds here for developing this into a much longer story and I really wanted to know more about Shane’s romance but there are only thirty-three pages to the story. The writing is fine throughout and the plot is something that many of us can identify with.


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