“AMORES SANTOS”— Gay Priests and Online Sex

amores santos

“Amores Santos”

Gay Priests and Online Sex

Amos Lassen

Many have believed that within the ranks of Catholic priests there are gay men who entered the church because of difficulties dealing with their sexuality and who were attracted to a job where they are supposed to be celibate and heading towards everlasting salvation from their desires which they considered to be evil.

We also know that not all of those in the clergy are able to live up to these very ideals. These man stand in the pulpit each Sunday as a spokesman for an anti-gay branch of Christianity but in the evening look for exactly what their church preaches against either online or in real life (or both).

Amores Santos is director Dener Giovanini’s documentary, which sees a handsome young actor chatting to gay priests from around the world online who want to engage in cyber-sex. This actor attracted 150 priests from 30 different countries, including Anglicans, Evangelicals and many Catholics.

The doc is pulled together from over 500 hours of explicit chats and as the trailer shows, it promises to tell the truth of the situation for gay priests from the inside – both the hypocrisy and the moral confusion.

We see them on Skype without any pants on as we actually witness the double lives of leading church figures who publicly condemn homosexuality, while privately satisfying their own homosexual urges through online sexual encounters with guys.

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