“Dreaming of You” by Ethan Day— Waiting for Mr. Wonderful

dreaming of you

Day, Ethan. “Dreaming of You”, Wilde City Press, 2015.

Waiting for Mr. Wonderful

Amos Lassen

Ever since he was just fourteen years old, Missouri restaurateur Aden Ingle has been in love with the perfect man. The sad thing is that this object of his affection is someone who exists in his dreams only. since his fourteenth birthday. Nonetheless, Aden has always believed it was his destiny to meet his dream man, and he has no problem with waiting around until he comes. Could that man be Logan Price, a guy he met at a Hotel/Restaurant Trade Show in Atlanta? Aden is attracted and drawn to him and Logan seems to be more attractive than the man he has dreamt about. Of course this is too easy and there must be a problem—-and there is. Logan lives in California, halfway across the country. This means that Aden is going to have to make a huge decision—is his professional life as important to him that he should change everything for Logan or should he continue to wait for the next man on his own turf?

Because Aden has put such a huge emphasis on his idea of what his dream man must be, none of the relationships he has been in has really worked for him—there does not seem to be anyone with all that he is looking for. Even though Logan does not exactly fit Aden’s criteria for his dream guy, there is something about him that draws Aden to him.

After spending a week together and then having along distance romance for months, both of them believe that the time has come to move onto the next step in their relationship. This means that Aden would have to move to California so that they could be together. The problem here is that Aden still dreams about the perfect guy and thinks that being with Logan is something of a betrayal to that man.

Even though Logan is sexy, funny and friendly, Aden wonders is this is really the man he wants to spend his life with. He just is not the man of his dreams. I remembered here something my father used to see to me—we search for excellent and perfect yet we must make peace with mediocrity. For Aden being with Logan would mean to take a risk that he is not sure he is willing to do.

This is a sweet romance with cute and well-developed characters—a sort gay fairy tale. We can always expect a good read from Ethan Day and he has never disappointed.