“POP-UP PORNO”— Grindr Stories Turned into Pop-up Books


“Pop-Up Porno”

Grindr Stories Turned into Pop-up Books

Amos Lassen

Youtube does not allow sexually explicit content, but Canadian filmmaker Stephen Dunn has found a way around that by telling pornographic tales in the form of pop-up books. The set-up is simple, a narrator tells the story, and on screen we see it brought to life in pop-up form.

There are three videos so far in the series, which debuted earlier this year at Sundance, but we’re concentrating on the gay-themed ‘mfm’ (there’s also”M4F” and ‘F4M”) which tells the tale of a Grindr encounter which got sexy and then became awkward very quickly and is told complete with pop-up penises.

It’s an amusing (based-on-a-true) story and the way it’s told is totally entertaining. 

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