“DAY AND NIGHT”— Two Young Women

day and night

“Day and Night” (“Tag und Nacht”)

Two Young Women

Amos Lassen


Sabine  Derflinger’s “Day and Night” is a matter-of-fact look at two young women who consider prostitution an adventure. This changes when the real world catches up with them.


Lea (Anna Rot) and Hanna (Magdalena Kronschläger) are students in Wien, Austria and they are as different as night and day. They decide to try prostitution to make some easy money. They have a pact that says that they will stop with it as soon as one of them wants to stop selling her body. They have tangled themselves up in a dangerous game of sex, money and the false assumption that they are able to control the game.


Hanna is shy and serious; Lea is open and sexy, a young woman who thinks life is a game. She is the stronger of the two and she makes the decisions and exerts power over Hanna. For a while the girls were doing fine and making money but then things get serous and disaster is on its way. I found it all to be a bit predictable and not as deep of a film as I would have liked to have seen on the subject. It seemed to me to be quite a cold film and it was impossible to identify with any of the characters but then again that is just my opinion.

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