“SOMEFARWHERE”— Hostage Taking, War Crimes and Gay Sexuality in the Middle East



Hostage Taking, War Crimes and Gay Sexuality in the Middle East

Amos Lassen

Talented director Everett Lewis brings us a dramatic story of intrigue in the Middle East. Price (Bryce Blais) goes to a Middle East country on a pretext of being a tourist. However his real purpose is to find his best friend/lover Bo (Drew Boylan) who suddenly disappeared without a trace. In a country where homosexual acts alone can get a gay person beheaded, we look at the question of whether Price can find Bo without revealing his true purpose. Price meets Marwan (Khaled Haider) a taxi driver/tourist who guides of Price and detective Combs (Dale Dymkoski) and we wonder if they know something about Bo’s disappearance.


It turns out that, that Bo was caught up in a war crime that his U.S. despite unsatisfactory Armed Forces accounts of what had happened. Bo, who is so much the focus of the plot, is seen only seldom in the movie, filmed directly only at its conclusion. As it turns out, Bo had not participated in the American Marines’ brutality, but has been captured and is being held hostage, either for ransom, if that work out, or for revenge execution, to be beheaded by his Arab captors.


Price’s efforts to find and to rescue Bo mean that there will be many sometimes complicated doings— spy-vs.-spy antics, backstabbing, double-dealing, and slippery, shifting motivations occurs on the part of those who either promise to further Bo’s release or who really want to slit the Bo’s throat and possibly to the point of beheading him (because, like Price, Bo is gay). During all of this, Price himself falls into the hands of some of those who already have been part of the guerrilla cell holding Bo.


To say more would be to reveal “spoilers”, so I will not go further in giving the Amazon user reading this review some idea of what this film is about. Anyway, I could benefit from further viewings over more time to sort it all out! Another complication includes Marwan, the Arab guide who is helping Price and who falls more than a little bit in love with him. Price began to think that Bo was dead and responded likewise to Marwan. Combs also wants to have sex with Price.


I can only imagine how difficult it was to make this film because of the setting and due to the fact that the most homoerotic scenes were shot in a Middle Eastern region where fundamentalist Islam runs rampant. There are many moments and scenes of male-on-male romantic intimacy, especially of men kissing one another tenderly, leisurely, and passionately.

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