“DISC OF LOVE”—- A CD Has a Few Surprises

disc of love

“Disc Of Love”

A CD Has a Few Surprises

Amos Lassen

As Jake is leaving town to go see his family, his good friend/ roommate Lucas begins acting strangely. As Jake tries to find out what the matter is, he only gets a CD and as he drives to his parents’ house, he discovers what is on it.

Ryan Davey directed this sweet, funny and sometimes slightly provocative short film and now the director has released it online for us all to enjoy.

‘A gay themed short film which tells the story of Jake, who is leaving town to visit his parents for the weekend. His roommate Lucas is acting in a strange manner. He tries to find out why but all he receives is a mix CD. As he is driving to his parents he discovers what is on this mysterious disc.’

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