“PURPLE SKIES”— Pain, Trauma, Hope, Happiness

purple skies

“Purple Skies”

Amos Lassen

“Purple Skies” is made up of stories of pain, trauma, hope and happiness of lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in India and what we see is an evocative, endearing tapestry of contemporary Indian LBT lives. Some of the stories are sad and some are very painful to hear but there are also happy stories and funny ones too. We hear from those whose lives have been victimized and subjugated by law, family and society as well as hopeful stories of younger LBT persons who have managed to overcome barriers to live openly with dignity.

What makes this film so special is that homosexuality has recently been made a criminal offense in India and now the community there has to fight against stereotypes, gender and sexual bias, rigid family values and a law that makes them criminals.

“Purple Skies” is a feature documentary by award winning filmmaker Sridhar Rangayan, weaves together heartrending stories of LBT people. The film is seen in the context of the historic struggle of the LGBT community in India and by juxtaposing personal stories with critical analysis of issues by activists and advocates; we get a compelling inside view of Indian LBT lives. It features interviews with Betu Singh, Maya Lisa-Shanker, Sonia Singhal, Maya Sharma, Jaya Sharma, Sumathi Murthy, Sunil Mohan, Shobhna S. Kumar, Siddhant More, Anand Grover, Meena Gopal, Raj Kanuajiya, Ushma, Sonal Giani, Upasana Nathani, Prashansa Gurang, Sapana Mhatre, Vineeth, B.T.Venkatesh, Ruth Vanita, Shohini Ghosh, Chayanika Shah, Ketaki Ranade.

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