“American Dream” by Michael Derison— A Techno Thriller

american dream

Derison, Michael. “American Dream”, Boylston Press, 2015

A Techno Thriller

Amos Lassen

While playing baseball game at a boys’ camp in Maine, the body of a murdered woman is found. The victim was identified as Doctor Sarah Litel who was a chemistry scholar and involved with the Ion Disruptor, a weapon that has the power to vaporize matter on a devastating scale. It just so happens that the detective on the case, Marc Halvers, the Maine detective initially investigating Litel’s murder, had been involved in an affair with Litel some eight years earlier when he was her bodyguard in Asia. Litel was them working for Anders Research Institute. She had been brought in to assist U.S. Army technicians testing the Ion Disruptor.

Almost right after the investigation has begun, the FBI stepped in an took over while simultaneously, the Federal Internal Security Trust, a Department of Homeland Security agency also became interested in what was going on.

—also takes an acute interest in the case. It also just happened that the United States was also in the midst of crisis when the middle class fell apart and Congress was forced to stop working and the population of our middle class split into smaller factions. Before anyone realized what was happening, an international incident was evolving.

Politicians, senior military officers, capitalists, operatives of the National Security Agency and former commandos fight for control of both the Ion Disruptor and the government of the United States. Halvers now finds himself along with Adam Pershing, a former colleague of Litel in a struggle against terrible odds from enemies that are corrupt.

Derison has written a novel with great action and a romantic subplot. He writes with a detail that only someone who knows the places where the story takes place could do. At times it is a bit difficult to follow what goes on but eventually all falls into place and we get a fascinating and well-written read. You might ask if this is a book with a gay plot and to that I answer that it certainly is but that is just part of the story. In fact, as we read the romantic sections of “American Dream”, almost all else falls into the background as it waiting for us to return to the story. We become much more interested in the future of this country than the romance and whether or not a democracy can ever take place again.

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