“Lethal Elements” by Joel Gomez-Dossi— Rocky Ground

lethal elements

Gomez-Dossi, Joel. “Lethal Elements”, Bold Strokes Books, 2015.

Rocky Ground

Amos Lassen

Tom Burrell and his husband Roman are going through a rocky phase in their relationship. When Tom receives an offer to do mineral studies in the Adirondack Mountains, he quickly signs on. However, while doing the tests, he gets lost in the wilderness and is chased by someone who wants to kill him. Now Roman has to find a way to rescue his lover. However before he can do anything he has to find out what caused Tom’s disappearance and he has to understand the goals of the company that Tom is working for. If he can’t then Tom will ultimately die and therefore be eternally lost. The same is true of the ecosystem that Tom was working on.

It is interesting when we bring gay life and ecology together because it shows us as people who care about how and where he live and it also challenges the idea that so many uninformed people have of us—-that we live to have sex. Joel Gomez-Dossi writes with enthusiasm and knowledge of his subject and I love that he chose to use short chapters to tell his story. I did find the story to be almost unemotional making it difficult to identify with the characters but it is a fast read that is well written and paced well. But then the story is really not about the characters as it is about crime and how international organizations are able to move their operations wherever they need to be. Political power and money protects them and they will do whatever it takes to achieve what they want.

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