“The Heart’s Eternal Desire” by David Holly— Preserving Love

the heart's eternal desire

Holly, David. “The Heart’s Eternal Desire”, Bold Strokes Books, 2015.

Preserving Love

Amos Lassen

It is not easy to hold on to love when facing enemies that want to see that love dead. Seaton French and Dustin Marley face just that—there is a conspiracy and they want to find out who the conspirators are and expose them. As things get really bad, Dusty experiences a shift in personality and Seaton has to deal with his lover who has become of many different personalities. Soon both men go through psychological states as conspiracies threaten their very existence and they become weird and continually make less and less sense. As out two lovers try to understand what is happening, they find themselves exploring strange religions and very secret societies that could prove fatal to them. Ultimately they are able to get to the source of the problem but this means that they have to learn to survive from minute to minute and there is not much they can do. The only redemption they seem to be able to find is with each other.

I am just not sure how I feel about this even though it is a provocative read. The characters seemed to be well developed until I got them mixed up. I am familiar with David Holley’s work but this was unlike anything else of his that I have read and I found myself frustrated trying to follow what was happening.

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