“THE GRID: ZOMBIE OUTLET MAUL”— A New Animated Feature


“The Grid: Zombie Outlet Maul”

A New Animated Feature

Amos Lassen

I am sure we all remember when animated films were for children and the adults that went were usually parents taking the kids to the movies. Times have changed and so has animation as we see with the success of so many animated films in the past few years. Now we go a bit into the future and the paranormal with Linda Andersson’s “The Grid: Zombie Outlet Maul”.

Thea and Hazel_new

It all starts when electrical devices come to life after an offshore nuclear plant explosion, and take over the abandoned Anameter Coast. Life is grand for Creative Outlet (the voice of Deborah Stewart) and her friends until they realize they must fight for their lives against a bumbling band of bullies, The Voltz Gang (car battery chargers), who now work for the evil and damaged Power Plant named Drusilla.

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Remo, a nebbishy remote control (the voice of Harry M. Ford) runs through town to warn his friends at the Energy Bar while being chased by The Voltz Gang. When he  arrives, Hazel Switch (the voice of Thea Gill) and her band, Switch Hazel can’t hear his pleas over their loud rock music. It isn’t until he proves to bar owner, Auto d’Fuse (MJ Lallo), that they need to shut down the bar to avoid being attacked. First they have to get permission from Mane (Danny Pardo), who is outraged by the idea of taking the bar off the electrical grid.

After much consideration, the Energy Bar friends head to the beach to ride out the emergency. But when Gennie the Generator (Leah Cevoli) runs out of fuel, they find themselves growing weaker by the moment, since they are no longer able to recharge.

Michelle and Angry Bottom-2

It really hits home when Auto sees his girlfriend, Elwira Buss leading a group of zombie outlets across the sand. The friends realize that their “zombiehood” is not far off if they can’t figure out something soon.

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