“SIR IVAN: I AM PEACEMAN'”— A Man on a Mission”

sir ivan I am peaceman

“Sir Ivan ‘I Am Peaceman'”

A Man on a Mission

Amos Lassen

Sir Ivan Wilzig is Sci-Fi Channel’s Mr. Mitzvah and Peaceman of the Peaceman Foundation, a private nonprofit supporting many charities dedicated to fighting hate crimes and treating the victims of post-traumatic stress disorder. Sir Ivan is an eldest son of multi-billionaire Siggy B. Wilzig who was the very first Auschwitz survivor to come to the US after WWII and who ended up taking over two publicly traded firms, an oil company, and a bank, while never forswearing his wide-ranging philanthropic interests.

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Sir Ivan studied and received a law degree and for 20 years he sat on the board of his father’s bank but then turned his back on his career. He made a record of “ For What It’s Worth” in his own unique style of rocktronica and the proceeds went to the Peaceman foundation. Sir Ivan has personally seen that many soldiers are treated for PTSD.

But there is another side to Sir Ivan and that one is responsible for the 12,000 square foot Castle, a piece of architectural and designer art, having sprung up in the Hamptons where he throws charity parties and it is there that he has hosted celebrities, fire breathers turning the water of the pool into a lake of fire, and musicians belting out techno-flavored “Hava Nagila”.

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Sir Ivan’s chihuahua, Chiquita, runs around in a cape that matches his. Sir Ivan lost 59 of his relatives to the Nazi regime and now, he is working to reduce violence in the world and prevent something similar from ever happening again. This film is part of his story.

We see him surrounded by a harem of gorgeous girls as he throws New York’s wildest and sexiest parties at his Castle. In doing so he is spreading a message of peace, love, and understanding, through his music and his charity work.  Director Jim Brown has focused on Sir Ivan in this 54-minute documentary.

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The film explores the many surprising details of Sir Ivan’s life and philanthropy and takes us into parties that range from a sensual Gala at Miami’s World Erotic Art Museum to the annual all-night summer benefit extravaganza at the Castle. We also get a look inside the studio while he records his hit songs and music videos, and at the body casting for the Castle’s centerpiece nude dragon sculpture.

Sir Ivan’s father is a conservative Holocaust survivor and was a successful banker. His mother was less conservative and founded the Erotic Art Museum in Miami. Ivan had been pressured to go into the family business, but chose to become an electronic music artist and philanthropist himself. His worldwide success, including many singles on the major club charts, is testament to his spirit and talent. His extreme lifestyle with and message of love has made him a quirky celebrity throughout Europe and the world.

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Bonus materials include five music videos and additional Hamptons party footage.

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