“COMING OUT”– A Stinker

coming out


A Stinker

Amos Lassen

There is nothing remotely funny about ”Coming Out”, the story of a gay man who gets knocked over by a motorcyclist, becomes straight, gets hit on the head by a thug, goes gay and straight and pretends that he is a gay/straight set of twins, cleverly wearing heterosexual glasses, etc., etc., etc.

Erik is an openly gay radio personality with one of the top-rated talk shows in Hungary and is one of the most celebrated and successful members of the community. He is waiting to be elected the next President of Hungary’s leading gay rights organization and is also about to marry Balázs his partner of 5 years. Everything in his life was perfect until… he gets knocked down by a motorcyclist and wakes up in  hospital to discover that the biker is not only a woman, but she is also the Doctor who is looking after to him.  He discovers that the knock on his head has turned him completely straight. He forgets he has a hot loving partner and begins ogling women’s breasts and even getting an erection when he looks at a nudie magazine.

This is nothing more than Hungarian propaganda with the message that being gay is just another illness that can be cured. It is probably one of the worst pieces of crap to come out of the old Eastern Block of Countries for a very long time.  I understand that was funded for $1.25 million by the new right wing Christian government of President Orban for the purpose of making a family movie that would appeal to a majority conservative audience.  What is so sad is that it worked, and has become a major box-office hit domestically. And just to be sure that his becoming straight is not just a fluke, Erik

falls in love with the Doctor and replaces his lover with her. Save your money.