“CAMPFIRE”— Scouting


“Campfire” (“Kampvuur”)


Amos Lassen

 Handsome Tijl has a crush on Wout. While Tijl is the quiet, serious, sensitive one Wout is the clownish and uninhibited one who frequently acts without thinking. When Wout decides he’s curious about boy on boy sex, he awakens in Tijl more than he counted on or wanted. I love films that portray the innocence of youth and what better place to do this than on a camping trip (the stuff fantasies are made of). Here we see how European teens react to that first time and it is so different than what we see here with repressive values that still affect us today much more than they affect our European cousins. (But that is quickly changing now that being gay is okay).

Bavo Defurne’s “Campfire” beautifully photographed short portrays the emotions it touches on. I just wish the story went on longer. This is basically a coming out story, but essentially it summarizes many itches of love and relations. Settings, sound, music are all economically used, but without being minimal and boring. Cinematography is brilliant, and so is acting.

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