“STEALTH”— Eleven Years Old and Very Brave



Eleven Years Old and Very Brave

Amos Lassen

Sammy is a transgender child—born a boy but living as a girl and supported by her mother and doctor. Now in a new school, Sammy has friends and they are those that she has always dreamed of having. She tells them her secret in confidence but when she feels like she might be betrayed, Sammy has to decide whether to stay and live her life as she wants or to run from those who taunt her. She knows that even though she had been born a boy that she was meant to be a girl.

Sammy is a very brave eleven-year-old and this is a very brave film. Aside from our getting to know Sammy, the movie promotes acceptance of children facing the same obstacle as Sammy — How one fits in when he or she is different. 

At her new school, Sammy has two close friends but they are getting close to find out her secret. She must decide whether to tell them and worries about what will happen when she does. This is a wonderful heartwarming story about courage. The film explains what being transgender means and what it is.

Kristina Hernandez as Sammy gives an absolutely charming and poignant performance. People like Kristina and films like “Stealth” will help to make schools and communities more welcoming and supportive for all kids. Directed by Bennett Lassiter, the film has a great script and a great concept. Sammy’s story has lately become familiar to many of us and more trans kids begin to attend school as themselves and not allow prejudice to erase their identities.