“Prognosis Forever” by Etienne— Living and Loving


Etienne. “Prognosis: Forever ”, Etienne, 2011.

Living and Loving

Amos Lassen

“Prognosis: Forever’ is the sequel to Etienne’s “The Path to Forever” and both books have been revised and reissued. The main idea of “Prognosis” deals with being able to live forever and watching friends grow old and die and the effect of loving someone knowing you would live forever… without them? Now Marco Sartori d’Argenzio and his partner Danilo Rosati have created a family and settled in Aragoni, but they still face the challenge of Marco’s family’s legacy— that he might live forever. However, this is not true for Dani unless the secret to Marco’s DNA is discovered. Marco and Dani are more focused on their children and the future and not the past but a threat of a bomb attack harkens a very real change in the fate of the two men— the possibility of the dream future of living together forever. However, they also realize that this can cause a sense of danger to hover over the entire d’Argenzio family. Marco and Dani are willing to do everything they can to protect their family.

The setting of the novel is the small duchy of Aragoni where Marco and Danilo have settled down into routine life. Their quiet and peaceful existence changes when a small bomb is thrown into the van they are riding in and an old enemy suddenly re-enters their lives. Marco suffered only minor cuts and bruises but Dani suffers greater damage—one f his kidneys is damaged beyond repair, and the other kidney is failing. Marco decided to use the fact that Dani is hospitalized to get his mother and grandmother to come to Aragoni to visit in the hope that there will be some kind of reconciliation. Dani’s family disowned him when he introduced them to Marco and referred to him as his boyfriend. They do come but Dani’s kidney is failing and he has to begin dialysis. This continued for some two years when a brain-dead patient is admitted to the hospital with a kidney that is a perfect match. With successful surgery, Dani returns to good health and also with an extra bonus……

Once again we are charmed by Etienne’s writing style, plot and character development. We see that he did his research carefully and once again gives us a wonderful reading experience.




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