“BABY’— Obsessed with Sex



Obsessed with Sex

Amos Lassen

Joe is a teenage boy finds all around him has sexual overtones as he lives a teenage life of drugs and masturbation. This is an unusual, hypnotic, suggestive, intriguing and enticing short film.

The film follows Joe’s day at the local swimming pool, as he recalls it later lying in bed, smoking pot and masturbating. Most of the film is in flashback—as Joe is in bed we see what he sees in his imagination. He thinks about the swimming pool whose images and sounds provide the stimulus for his bedroom activity. The production is superb in every way, attention to each shot is evident and even the sounds of the echoing pool and glug of the water are brilliantly recorded. It’s also a study of confused or ambiguous teenage sexuality: Joe is turned on alternately by his memory of a fit young male springboard diver, a young lady swimmer, guys showering off and the armpit of an Asian female newsagent.

The film is beautifully done, witty, suggestive and sensual. As the director has said that the film is not about being gay or straight but about the pleasures of the flesh.

To a degree, the film is hypnotic and when Joe goes swimming it’s hard to tear your eyes away from the screen. It’s a very sexual piece and offers no concrete questions or answers for anything but it’s certainly worth watching.

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