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Brooke, Anne. “A Dangerous Man”, Cheyenne Press, 2010.


Amos Lassen

One of my pleasures is reading Anne Brooke and I always look forward to reading something that she has written. Originally published in 2007, “A Dangerous Man” has now been re-released by Cheyenne Press and it has a special place on my shelves—right next to other Anne Brooke works. Brooke has beautiful control of the English language and when she combines that with the ability to tell a story, you get a real treat. Here we have a love story and the story of a passionate artist, Michael Jones. Jones is also a part-time hustler who has the goal of having his own art show and will do whatever it takes to make that happen. He falls in love with the wealthy Jack Hutchinson and it seems that he will finally get that show but He has other problems. His dreams of the past become obsessive and he realizes that his past is becoming his captor. His stability is put to test and what should have been pleasurable becomes, instead, antagonistic and he is left with nothing aside from his ability to wage war to make sure he can hold onto the things that are important to him. Tragedy follows and Jones faces a very bad situation Romance gives way to a thriller and I kept reading and did not stop until I closed the covers when the book was done. He becomes a man in search of himself. He becomes a dangerous man. Yet this is more than Jones’s story—it is a look at urban England in a way that we do not usually see.
Brooke has created an epic character with Jones and while he is dangerous, he still has some endearing qualities. We root for him as we do not want to see a life lost.

There is a great deal of tension here but it is Brooke’s writing that makes this book so good. Brooke is known for the way she builds characters and Jones is one of her best. creation and I say that because we are divided in the way we see him. Brooke takes on a walk through the streets of London with amazing detail and she does not lag for a second. She gets getting better and better and it is impossible not to like her style. She writes from the heart and she tells an interesting story and this book is one of her best, if not the best she has written to date.


Amos Lassen
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