“The Way We Almost Were”– Two Men in Love


Field, Ryan. “The Way We Almost Were”, Ravenous Romance, 2010.

Two Men in Love

Amos Lassen

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ran into your first lover again and still felt something for him? This is exactly what this book is about. Allan Nottingham and Jacob Steinman (a good Jewish boy) were lovers in college and then went their separate ways. Allan aspires to become a political journalist but at the present he is making a living by playing a fool on a really sad TV show, “The Naughty Boiz”. He has to do stupid tricks but the pay is good. His boss, Mikey Phoenix is Allan’s best friend and he watches out for him. Mikey is straight \but he and Allan have a special bond. However, Allan feels that his life needs love and one he accidentally meets Jacob, his lover from university days. Allan realizes that he still feels for Jacob and he decides that he will do what he has to win Jacob’s heart. Jacob has not changed and is really only interested in having a good time and shows no interest in the things that Allan likes and Allan tries hard to ignore Jacob’s indifference, hence the title “The Way We Almost Were”.


Personally I love the way Field builds characters. They actually seem to become friends of mine when I read and I hate to leave them when the book is finished. Granted, the plot is very simple but it is the characters and the writing that distinguish Ryan Field. And this time Field brought social issues into the plot which added a dimension that I have not seen in his other writings. Here he mixes romance, social and political issues are sensuality and it is a terrific combination. I am now in the process of reading everything that Field has written and I hope, although I am quite sure, that I will be able to keep my high opinion of him and his work.


Amos Lassen
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  1. mykola (mick) dementiuk

    I like the ‘almost’ title. Reminds me of the Robert Redford/Barbra Streisand film that I saw many times over and over back in those years. And I’m sure Ryan Field’s story is wonderful too. He’s been writing long enough, worthy fame is long overdue.

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