“JET LAG”— For the Last Time

jet lag poster

“Jet Lag”

For the Last Time

Amos Lassen

Sergio Tovar Velarde’s short film is dedicated to “those who are free, to those who have been and those who will never be.” It is about a loving gay couple that had to break up because of the impossibility of one of the men to accept his homosexuality.” We see a pair of lovers’ last hours together before one leaves the man he loves for the sake of social conformity seemingly unable or perhaps unwilling to accept his true sexuality.


There is no happy ending but the two men share sexual embraces ad intimacy as well as heartfelt pleas from one to the other to accept who he is and the life they could have together but to no avail. The film was shot out-of-focus with frequently close-ups and this heightens the sense of intimacy. We almost feel that we are eavesdropping on their final moments. And we witness the loving couple having sex for the final time, hold hands for the last time and saying goodbye forever. It is realistically played and we feel the language of love that is lost forever.

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