“Intimacy Idiot” by Isaac Oliver— An Extremely Single Gay Man

intimacy idiot

Oliver, Isaac. “Intimacy Idiot”, Scribner, 2015.

An Extremely Single Gay Man

Amos Lassen

Isaac Oliver has a new book coming in June and t promises to be a very funny look at an “extremely single gay men in New York City”. It is made up of his sketches, vignettes, lists, and diaries from his life. There is a story of when he hooked up with man who dresses as a dolphin, a story on how he has suffered on airplanes and buses sitting next to people with “Food From Home”, and a story of his hovering around an impenetrable circle of attractive people at a cocktail party. In each selection, Oliver shows us “the messy, moving, and absurd moments of urban life as we live it today.”

Oliver has been living in New York for ten years and like so many of us he has lusted for strangers on the subway, slept with many people in his neighborhood and seen the very best and the very worst of humanity as he sold tickets to Broadway theater in a booth at Times Square; he describes being a passenger on the subway during Breastfeeding Awareness Week and lived to tell the tale. His stories coming from “years of heartbreak, hook-ups, and more awkwardness than a virgin at prom and a whore in church (he has been both). But it is not all laughs as he tells is about his encounters with love, infatuation, resilience, and self-acceptance” and they all seem to cry out for his desire for intimacy.

As Oliver relates his stories of dating and sex, we all find something we have experienced and while this is all very funny, it is also serious and true. Oliver observes the world with sensitivity as he relates the folly of the modern world.

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