“Best Sex Writing of the Year: On Consent, BDSM, Porn, Race, Sex Work and More” edited by Jon Pressick— A Roundup of the Best

best sex writing

Pressick, Jon (editor). “Best Sex Writing of the Year: On Consent, BDSM, Porn, Race, Sex Work and More”, Cleis Press, 2015.

A Roundup of the Best

Amos Lassen

The new volume of “Best Sex Writing” contains selections from important and significant bloggers as well as some of the most important stories in the world of sex. Among them are Alexandria Goddard, the blogger who made the important connections in the historic Steubenville Rape Case; Epiphora, the most renowned and saucy sex toy reviewer with thousands of dedicated followers; Lux Alptraum who the successful Fleshbot and is now an editor at “Nerve”. We also have writings on issues that for one reason or another did not gain a great deal of attention but are now featured.

Claire Litton gives her personal recollection of sex in nerd culture, Ember Swift tells of her sexual appetites while she was pregnant, David Henry Sterry writes of his experience as a sex worker servicing to an 82-year-old woman. We get looks at sex from different perspectives. Each and every selection is an interesting and well-written read.

This is all nonfiction and all about sex. There is so much here but I do not want to spoil the experiencing of reading the book so it is enough to say that it is unlike anything I have ever read. “From honest accounts of sex workers’ experiences working in BDSM houses and with people who had disabilities, to a gigolo’s experience giving an 82 year old grandmother her first experience receiving oral, to an article about how sex workers’ lives are not regarded as being worth the same when they are murdered, to the blogger on the Steubenville rape case, to a trans man using a pump for enhancement, to discussions of interracial adult films and power dynamics and the ethics of sleeping with your best friend’s partner, this collection is full of surprises. Provocative, funny, at times uncomfortable, but it is never boring”. Even more interesting for me is that the articles tend to be scholarly and always evocative and thought provoking.

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