drink me

“Drink Me”

A Handsome Stranger

Amos Lassen

drink me1

Married couple Daniel and Richard Mansfield wrote, directed and produced “Drink Me”, a film that tells us what happens when a stranger appears and enter the life of James (Emmett Friel) and Andy (Darren Munn). James and Andy are a couple who seem to have everything suddenly face a big change in their lives. When Andy loses his job and money is scarce, they take in a stranger named Sebastian (Chris Ellis Stanton). Andy suspects that Sebastian has a dark secret and soon realizes that his suspicions are true. Sebastian is the killer who has been stalking the neighborhood and is a vampire.

drink me 2

I thought now that “True Blood” is off the air; vampires had outlived their time (but then vampires are eternal).

drink me 3

 This is a sexy film with frontal male nudity and some very sexy dialogue. The three leads are eye candy and at times the film is quite terrifying. I had not heard of the Mansfields and the day I stumbled upon their website, I saw that TLA is releasing this film in April. I am anxious to see some more of their work.

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