“MEMORY LANE”— A Psychological Thriller

memory lane

“Memory Lane”

A Psychological Thriller

Amos Lassen

War veteran Nick Boxer returns home but with PTSD that is plaguing him. To make things even worse, he discovers that his girlfriend, Kayla, has committed suicide and upon learning this, he decides to commit suicide. In his moments before resuscitated he has flashbacks that lead him to think that Kayla did not take her own life but was murdered and now Nick must move back and forth between this world and the other of afterlife to search for the murderer. In order to do this, he has to die over and over again. This means that he will have to stop and restart his heart.


Shawn Holmes, an Afghan War veteran, wrote this with his friend Hari Sathappan and he says that it is a combination of a lot of stuff that we have written from way back then to the middle of college. “We just kind of combined everything we had and it turned out to be this,” said Holmes. His two roommates Zac Snyder and Michael Guy Allen, who is an Afghan War vet like his character, star in the movie. When it was finished, the film was shown by the West Virginia Filmmakers Guild and Holmes was the youngest nominee ever for WV Filmmaker of the Year. Holmes then released “Memory Lane” online for one weekend and reached 22 thousand hits including the Wall Street Journal and Yahoo which helped build buzz and land Holmes in Hollywood where he’s currently working on various high level projects. The film was made for just $300.


When Nick (Michael Guy Allen) came home, he had trouble shaking the battlefield, and he’s lost amongst the day-to-day normalcy of life. Then he met Kayla (Meg Barrick) one evening and the two connected and their relationship progressed rapidly as Nick bought her a house and prepared to propose to her. However, along came tragedy and Kayla, it is thought; committed suicide while Nick was away picking out the engagement ring.

The loss hit him very hard and the decided to join Kayla and attempted suicide by dropping a radio into the bathtub with him. He did not die but the shock of near death helped him re-live his memories spent with Kayla. It was then that he noticed something different and began to think that Kayla may not have committed suicide, but was murdered. Unfortunately his insight ended when he returned from his near death state. He came up with an idea to create a mechanism that would allow him to electrocute himself just enough to bring on the memories. He would then have his friends revive him before it was too late to do so.


We see immediately that the story is the most important aspect of the film and while it is far from perfect, there is enough other good points about the film to allow us, by and large, to ignore its faults. On the plus side also is the way the film looks with its excellent cinematography and some outstanding camera work.


“Memory Lane” is one of the most impressive indie films I’ve seen lately. It’s compelling, entertaining and visually exciting. For a movie that cost so little to make, “Memory Lane” is fascinating. It is so refreshing to watch an independent movie that’s not about zombies or serial killers not afraid to have a little ambition. The story is gripping, intelligent and full of heart and is positive truth that money does not mean everything.


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