“Best Gay Romance 2015” edited by Felice Picano— Men in Love

best gay romance

Picano, Felice (editor). “Best Gay Romance 2015”, Cleis Press, 2015.

Men In Love

Amos Lassen

The world has changed a lot for the American LGBT community and now that we are allowed to marry in many states, men are finally speaking about being in love with another man and it is glorious. Those who were either content or were forced to remain silent for many years have begun to not only speak out but also to write about same-sex love and publishers are mot only ready to print these stories but they are also eager to. Cleis Press has had a long tradition of printing best gay romance stories and this year, the editorship has gone to writer Felice Picano, a member of the original Violet Quill and a very accomplished writer in his own right and I can hardly think of anyone more qualified than him to do so.

This diverse anthology is made up of 16 stories by such authors Erin McRae, Racheline Maltese, Simon Bleaken, Jay Mandal, Jerry Wheeler, Tom Baker, Guillermo Lune, Michael Thomas Ford, Craig Cotter, Eric Andrews-Katz, Dale Chase, Raymond Luczak, Daniel M. Jaffe, Shane Allison, Michael Bracken, Kevin Killian and Thom Nickels.

I have been a fan of the Cleis series since it first began and it just gets better and better and that is because we are now ready to put our words and thought down on paper. The stories run from lusty and sexy to sweet and romantic and there is something for everyone here. Picano says in his introduction that once the word was out about this year’s anthology the stories came pouring in and I can just imagine how much fun and how difficult it was to chose those that are included. (I need such a job). It is really good to see some of our stalwarts included—-Tom Baker, Michael Thomas Ford, Daniel M. Jaffe and Raymond Luczak, among others and there also some writers that I have never read before— Racheline Maltese, Erin McRae and Guillermo Luna to name just a few.