“Dark Rites” by Jeremy Jordan King— A Secret Circle

dark rites

King, Jeremy Jordan. “Dark Rites”, Bold Strokes Books, 2015.

A Secret Circle

Amos Lassen

Set in 1922, we meet some of the actors who are performing in Weinstein’s Wonderacts, a song and dance production, and they share a secret. They are members of Circle, a coven that is dedicated to bringing enlightenment through magic. just performers, they’re members of a Circle, a coven that is dedicated to enlightenment through magic. Now they want to enhance their power and are looking at Margarite, the new girl in the cast who is a natural witch. However, this does not satisfy the coven’s leader, Vincent. He wants more and he goes to a mysterious wanderer, isn’t satisfied. He’s hungry for more, to become a Complete Man. He turns to a mysterious wanderer for advice and now there are questions about the validity of his intentions and rituals. Since Margarite is the only one with real gifts, she is depended upon to save her friends from engaging in dark ceremonies and rites.

When Margarite joins the circle, some feel that the time has come to move even further forward and instead of using small spells for whatever they can get out of them (Money, fame, pleasure and/or luck), they should go for something bigger. Vincent who is the star of the show is already on training to become a great magician with powers to change the word. He wants to be what is known of as a Complete Man. Since Margarite is not trained in magic and Vincent is in such a hurry o gain knowledge, it is easily understood why they find themselves in each other’s plans and against their own will.

I must say that there is something appealing about paranormal characters and King gives us some really interesting ones. I usually think of the Roaring 20s as a time period with flappers, prohibition and the Charleston. I just never considered that decade to have paranormal people.

This is a well-written and fun read and while it is a bit predictable, this does not really affect the plot. I am usually not into reading about the occult but I was drawn into this story. Perhaps having been raised in New Orleans where the occult is regular living has something to do with especially since I read this while sitting in Boston and watching Mardi Gras on my computer. Do not regard this as a fluff novel because it is so much more than that.





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