“PAPER DREAMS”— The Golden Age of Physique Magazines— Coming from Toby Ross

paper dreams

“Paper Dreams”

The Golden Age of Physique Magazines

Amos Lassen

I just read about a new film from Toby Ross coming in April and thought I would share the news:

“This is the story depicting the golden age of the magazine industry between 1966 to 1973.Before 66 its was all about jock straps and Greek statues coming alive, after 73 the hard core craze made these magazines obsolete. But in that window of time thousands of very young men posed for unknown photographers for a couple of bucks. You never really saw them in films, they shined brightly and briefly in the magazines and like comets through the sky, flickered once or twice and than faded away leaving you wishing for more. Those newly endowed and younger types were the grease that ran the sleaze factories machines in the late 60 s early 70 s. We searched high and low to bring you HUNDREDS of models and added LIVE RE-ENACTMENTS to bring that magic back and make you sigh in wonder.” This is one to look forward to and as we know, Toby Ross never disappoints.

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