“Behind Closed Doors: The Rumored Gay Lives of Hollywood Actors” by Aiden Veram— One for the Circular File

behind closed doors

Veram, Aiden. “Behind Closed Doors: The Rumored Gay Lives of Hollywood Actors”, ADS, 2014.

One for the Circular File

Amos Lassen

There are all kinds of writers and then there are those who never should write anything. Using “Behind Closed Doors” as an example, Aiden Veram find in the latter category. Not only should he not write, he should publicize something he knows nothing about. I have read a lot of crap in my life and I must say that this book now heads my “worst ever” list. In the blurb about the book on Amazon, Veram refers to himself as “Best-selling author Aiden Veram” which is very interesting since I have never heard of him before and I believe that is true for the rest of the world.

Veram claims to have insights into the inner world of gay sexuality in Hollywood. I doubt that he has anything more than subscriptions to the tabloids because they were obviously her source of information. I further read that “This compact book  provides a balanced outlook on issues of homosexuality.” There is nothing balanced here and so he states that, “It is hoped that it will generate discussions amongst readers on gay cinema themes,  homophobia, equality and the ways in which actors influence our discourses.” Better said this will influence many readers to stop reading altogether when they see his name as author.

The book is bland and dull and out-of-date and has not been in the hands of an editor.There is a lot of guessing and innuendo—nothing is based on any facts or truths, and no proof behind any of the accusations made. The book is offensive and insults the minds of those who read it. The style and language are reminiscent of a college freshman essay. There is nothing new here.

Save your money, the description is just as informative as the rest with the bold exception of being better written. And yes, I have classified it as fiction.