Top Ten LGBT Films of 2014— An Opinion


Top Ten LGBT Films of 2014

(An Opinion)


Two teenage Dutch boys embark on first love, which inevitably doesn’t run smooth. Neither of them are out and they also have to deal with difficult social and family issues, which threaten to tear them apart.


After Anna turns 40, she’s forced to take stock of her life, realizing that her decision to put her filmmaking career ahead of looking for love has left her with nothing. She decides to make an all-female film version of Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?, but the fact she’s really doing it because she fancies one of the cast members ends up causing problems.

 “Eastern Boys”*

Daniel’s life is upended after his planned rendezvous with teenage rent boy Marek ends up with a band of young men invading his home and stealing eveything. Despite this, Daniel and Marek continue to see one another – initially having sex for cash but then developing a real connection. However the leader of the band of men who invaded Daniel’s home isn’t about to let Marek go without a fight.

” Boy Meets Girl”*

 Rikki is a 21-year-old trans girl finding her feet in the world who befriends Francesca, a woman with an absent fiancée who hates everything Rikki represents. Together they begin to explore different aspects of their own sexuality – despite Francesca’s initial naiveté about transgender issues and the fact not everybody is accepting of the non-traditional as she’s ready to do.

” The Normal Heart”*

Based on Larry Kramer’s acclaimed play, The Normal Heart centres on Ned Weeks, whose life is changed forever after a strange disease starts taking the lives of gay men in the early 1980s. He becomes part of the fight against the illness as a co-founder of Gay Men’s Health Crisis, facing government inaction/homophobia and dissension within the gay community. The battle then becomes even more personal after Ned’s partner is diagnosed as being HIV+.

 “The Case Against 8″*

 This feature-length documentary looks at what happened in California after voters backed Proposition 8, which sought to ban same sex marriage in the state, despite the fact it had been legal there for several months. The film follows the court cases that ensued, which eventually led to the Supreme Court. This brought together an eclectic mix of people to fight for LGBT people to have the right to marry the person they love.

” The Way He Looks”*

 Leo is a blind teenager who spends most of his time with his best friend Giovanni. This is disrupted by the arrival of new boy Gabriel, who befriends both Leo and Giovanni. Leo soon starts to have feelings for Gabriel, but he can’t be sure whether his new friend feels the same way, or how Giovanni might react.

 “Getting Go: The Go Doc Project”*

Doc wants to be a filmmaker and he’s also somewhat obsessed with local go-go dancer, Go. He decides to merge his two desires by making a documentary about Go. Doc soon discovers there’s far more to Go than just a gyrating sex object, and as they grow closer Doc also has to realize that perhaps his artistic pretensions are a cover for something simpler.


 It’s the 1980s and the coal miners are on strike, battling Maggie Thatcher’s plans to decimate their industry. Far away in London, Mark decides to set up a gay and lesbian group to raise funds for the strikers. However he discovers that many of them don’t want cash from ‘queers’, until they stumble on a small Welsh village that agrees to take the money. This starts an unexpected bond between the big city gays and the rural mining community, which opens up both their horizons.

“Stranger By The Lake”*

 Franck spends much of his time cruising for sex close to a lake. He is immediately attracted to newcomer Michel, which takes a dangerous turn when he sees him murder his companion. Rather than turning Michel into the police, Franck’s obsession grows and they are soon having a passionate affair. However Franck may not be able to tame his lover’s violent tendencies.

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