“The Life and Loves of a He Devil: A Memoir” by Graham Norton— Coming in April

the life and times

Norton, Graham. “The Life and Loves of a He Devil: A Memoir”, Hodder & Stoughton , 2015.

Coming in April

Amos Lassen

In April we will be able to read Graham Norton’s revealing, moving, and hilarious life story as he takes us through the things he loves in his memoir. Norton has been entertaining us for almost twenty years with his ability to find humor in the simplest of things. His memoir is based on love and he shows us that it is really what we love that makes us who we are. He describes what and he who he loved as a young boy along with his new loves and obsessions—big and small—as he’s grown older. Graham realizes that what makes a life interesting is not what happens to us but what inspires and drives us.

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