The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty: “How to Maintain – or Regain – a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life” by Joan Price— Sex and Aging

the ultimate guide
Price, Joan. “The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty: How to Maintain – or Regain – a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life”, Cleis Press, 2015.

Sex and Aging

Amos Lassen

We all know that as we age we have to look at how we have sex differently. Joan Price has written the definitive guide to sex and aging and it includes medical challenges, loss of libido, loss of intimacy, dating, elusive orgasms, erectile dysfunction – that could be helped with the aid of cialis and other forms of medication, vaginal pain, self-pleasuring, sex toys, kink, and more. It gives us the information we need to know and it does so in a style for all genders and all orientations, whether we are single or partnered and we learn how to enjoy sex for the rest of our lives.

Joan Price is regarded as an expert in the field of aging and sexuality and she writes candidly and with humor as she doles out advice. The book is a wonderful resource for everyone. What Price wants to share with us is that “sexuality in older people exists as a joyful and important part of their lives and sense of selves.” It might mean an attitude adjustment, ways of communicating better, or just straight-up education about lubrication and sexual arousal but it is all here for us to read and to use.

There is a myth that as we age our bodies do not function as they once did in terms of sex and we see how not true that is. Rather sex can change with aging but the drive is still there. There are solutions as to how to maintain a sex life with the advance of age and new medical discoveries are constantly being found. Now we are willing to talk openly about sex and to ask questions. I suppose we can say that sex has come out of the closet. It is this generation that has taken so many huge steps regarding sex and we now are aware of clitoral orgasms, vibrators, and Viagra. There is definitely a trend to want to know more and to practice what we learn. Some of the topics in this book include: • Long-term relationships• Medical challenges• Loss of libido• Dating at our age• Elusive orgasms• Erectile dysfunction• Vaginal pain• Self-pleasuring• Sex toys• G Spots• P Spots• Loss of intimacy• Friends with benefits• Kink, and much more. It is wonderful to now that as we age, sexual expression may change but it is still within most of us. We can continue to be sexual beings and enjoy sex just as we did when we were younger. Price shares stories and facts that she has learned while working in the field.

Price has done her research well and she provides us with a book that is not only a treasure trove of information but it is also easy to read. We learn how to build confidence and enjoy our sexual nature so that we can fully enjoy the benefits of a good sex life.

This is a must-read and not just for those over fifty. All of us can learn something here. For me, I find that the empowerment we gain from using what is in this book can only make us better people. Not only does sexuality return to become a powerful force in our lives but Price honors sexuality diversity in all of its forms. If you’ve read it, it may definitely be worth you looking into spicing up your sex life with sex toys like fleshlights, vibrators or dildos!

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