“Parallel Lives: Commence Entropy” by David Monster— The Worth of a Life

parallel lines

Monster, David. “Parallel Lives: Commence Entropy”, David Monster, 2014.

The Worth of a Life

Amos Lassen

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have everything you ever wanted? Retra is the most desirable Woman of the Cinematic World and she got everything she ever wanted in an instant but unfortunately coming with that are a psychopathic benefactor, and a metaphysical link to a troubled teenage boy. It is certainly one thing to have it all but there is often a moral dilemma that comes with that. Retra has dreams in which she must decide if she has to give herself up to a “omnipotent murderer”. What makes this such a difficult decision is that she has always wanted to have it all but she had never considered the price to do so. To make matters even more complicated is the fact that she is drawn both sexually ands spiritually to the man who will take her life and this upsets her own mental health and stability.

I always enjoy reading a book in which the author draws on his vivid imagination to bring us a story that is hardly believable yet is able to entertain us and make us think. Up until this point I have not mentioned that in order to fully appreciate this book means that is necessary to suspend belief and just flow with the text. There is violence, sex and violent sex in the book. You might think from what I have said so far that this is a straight novel but this is not the case. Yes, there is straight sex here but there is also what we might call alternative erotica. I think it is fair to say that there is something for everyone.

David Monster is a good writer and you feel that he cares about his characters. Of course we know that very little of what we read today will ever be regarded as great literature. However, there is nothing wrong with novels that entertain and this is certainly one of those.

Someone is going to comment that I really did not write much about the plot and the characters which is true—I didn’t, but there is a reason for that—I do not want to spoil anyone’s reading experience and this is the kind of book that once I begin summarizing, I will be giving away secrets. Take my word for it and get a copy and sit back and enjoy.

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