“Hollywood Gomorrah” by Skip E. Lowe— Old Hollywood: A Personal Look


Lowe, Skip E. “Hollywood Gomorrah”, Create Space, 2014.

Old Hollywood: A Personal Look

Amos Lassen

Skip E. Lowe shares with us his memories of growing up in Hollywood as well as telling us about his world travels as an entertainer and mixing with A-listers. What we get is a lot of sex and a look at the stars when they are not in front of the cameras.

We follow Lowe’s adventures through the glory of early Hollywood, New York, Europe, multiple wars, decades of globetrotting, and non-stop sexual adventures. We read of his friends such as Paul Bowles, Truman Capote, and Tennessee Williams; we are with Lowe when he was buying produce for Marlon Brando, showered with James Dean, crashed with Barbara Hutton in Tangiers and cooked for Troy Donahue (just to give a few examples). Lowe partied, sheltered, and jumped in bed with the best of them. At times what we read is shocking while at times it is sensitive and painful.

This is a personal memoir and it is certainly not a collection of scandalous revelations. Lowe takes us through vaudeville to Viet Nam and back to Hollywood and we feel how he does about his experiences. He finds joy in life and we certainly do as well as we read.

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