“IN THEIR ROOM”— Triptych of Intimate and Explicit Films from Travis Mathews

in their room

“In Their Room”

Triptych of Intimate and Explicit Films from Travis Mathews

Travis Mathews has gained a lot of attention for his film “I Want Your Love” and his collaboration with James Franco, Interior Leather Bar. However the first thing that put him on many people’s radar was his In The Room project, which started as a set of individual looks at gay men in San Francisco, filmed in their bedroom, before those were edited together into a single longer documentary.

The success o the film about San Francisco led to follow-ups, with the action moving to Berlin and then London. Although they’ve had plenty of acclaim and have screened at numerous film festivals, they still haven’t been seen by that many people. Now they have been brought together and will be released on DVD in the UK on December 8th and soon afterwards in the United States.

Each of the three films features footage of a variety of gay men in their rooms, talking about their lives, hopes and dreams, and also a lot about their relationship with sex and what they want in guys. It’s incredibly intimate and as Travis has become known for, some of it is extremely explicit.

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