“Immaculate Blue” by Paul Russell— Advance Notice about Four People

immaculate blue

Russell, Paul. “Immaculate Blue: A Novel”, Cleis Press, 2014.

Advance Notice about Four People

Amos Lassen

Paul Russell is a wonderful writer—his prose sings. In “Immaculate Blue”, his newest novel, we follow the lives of four people—Anatole, Leigh, Chris, and Lydia. We are with them as they deal with their intermingled and unwinding desires. The novel is set in upstate New York and it is so interesting to read about a place that is not regularly featured n the gay canon. The characters have a lot on their plates (from loss to hope to humor to sadness to union and to alienation). Russell wrote about these characters in “The Salt Point” and now we are back to them some twenty years later. Now he follows their lives and some of them have not heard from each other and also lost their ways. The novel moves, shocks and shakes the reader and we see that personal and political come together in ways we could not expect.

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