“CAGED” (“UITGESPROKEN”)— A Gay Best Friend


“Caged” (“Uitgesproken”)

A Gay Best Friend

Amos Lassen

David and Neils are best friends and their love for each other as friends came about because of their love of sports. However, their friendship will be tested when David finds out that Neils is gay.


Written by Lazlo & Dylan Tonk, this is a depiction of the emotional rollercoaster of coming out within the macho environment of the sporting arena. Here the sport is track and the film feels very real. We see scenes that strikingly juxtapose outright prejudice with the open arms of sexual acceptance, frankly there’s a lot to like here, including an ending that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Unfortunately we can only gather from watching what happens as there no English subtitles (yet). Nonetheless we feel the heartfelt message of love and acceptance comes through the Dutch celluloid loud and clear thus making this a delightful viewing experience.

The film stars Joël Mellenberg as David and Josha Stradowski as Niels, Yldau de Boer.


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