“Always Have, Always Will” by BJ Sheppard— Memories

always have, always will

Sheppard, BJ. “Always Have, Always Will”, Wilde City Press, 2014.


Amos Lassen

Every once in a while I like to read something that appeals to the emotions and makes the eyes fill with tears. “Always Have, Always Will” is such a book. I cannot say a great deal about the plot because to do would ruin a wonderful reading experience for some of you but I will tell you that is the story of Clayton Palmer, a man who lost everything you ever loved in the blink of an eye.

He buries his lover, Gregg, after his death due to a short and useless battle with cancer. Now his body is going in the direction of death itself and as he loses touch with life, he also finds himself remembering the wonderful times that he and Gregg shared. He knows he does not have long and what is left of his life is filled with memories both sad and happy but always about himself and Gregg.

This is such a beautiful story but it is painful. Be prepared to continuously dry your eyes as you marvel over BJ Sheppard’s beautiful words and story.


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