“Signs Point to Yes”, (Mason Braithwaite Paranormal Mysteries) (Volume 1) by Christopher Church— A Psychic Investigator

signs point to yes

Church, Christopher. “Signs Point to Yes”, (Mason Braithwaite Paranormal Mysteries) (Volume 1), Dagmar Miura, 2014.

A Psychic Investigator

Amos Lassen

Mason was working at a dead-end job until he had enough and quit. He was ready to act on one of his dreams—to become a psychic investigator which meant going against his boyfriend, Ned, who was skeptical about it.

I understand that this is the first of a projected six volume series. If the first volume is a sign of what is to come we are very lucky. Not only is the plot well thought out and well written, the characters are wonderfully drawn and what they say to each other is totally realistic. There were times that I felt I was eavesdropping on a real conversation. Mason is quite a character—a big hulky redhead who certainly does not fulfill what I think of as a psychic. Ned might be a skeptic but he loves Mason and they both love Peggy their roommate. Mason has the ability to dream lucidly and this becomes one of his tools, along with psychometric activity in the solving of a case. He is a new kind of character in gay fiction; a man who uses intuition as a weapon. He did not set out to be a detective, it just kind of happened.

One of the problems that I have had with novels about paranormal activity is that they are often not believable. That is not the case here. The paranormal is handled subtly and is always believable even as just a “maybe”. It really makes no difference whether we believe in the paranormal or not because Mason does. He lets his intuition lead him and we happily follow along.

A lot of gay fiction that I have read latterly seems to fall into the realm of fluff—read a book, forget it. That is also not true here. There is a lot to think about and the read is an experience. I am so glad to see that new authors have picked up the gauntlet and are taking our literature to new places. Christopher Church is a writer that I know we will be hearing more from and about.

Undoubtedly you will notice that I have not written much about the plot and that was deliberate. With a book of this kind to say something could spoil the read from someone else and I certainly do not want to do that.

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