“Drama Queens and Adult Themes” by Kevin Klehr— Fabien and Friends

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Klehr, Kevin. “Drama Queens and Adult Themes”, Wilde City Press. 2014.

Fabien and Friends

Amos Lassen

 Adam is an art student who has fantasies about the nude model Mannix who models for his class even though he and his partner Wade have been together for almost twenty years. Watching Mannix and Adam is Fabien, a male witch (warlock) from the “afterlife” and he has cast a lustful spell on the two guys. What Fabien does not know is that Guy, Adam’s guardian angel is watching but has no idea what is causing what is happening. Guy wants to find a way to save Adam’s relationship and Fabien and his group wreak havoc on Adam, Mannix and Wade.

I have tried to classify this book but have been unable to as it crosses genre—it is paranormal, science fiction and romance all together. This is the second book in Kevin Klehr’s “Drama Queens” series and this book lets us know that more will be coming.

 Because Fabien was bored, the decided to stir up something buy interfering in the lives of the members of a long-term gay couple. Ipan, another character from the afterlife really tries to help Adam and the guys and he becomes very upset with Fabien’s selfishness and cannot understand why Fabien has to wreck two lives because has nothing better to do.

Guy, the angel who has been guarding Adam since he was a youngster let Adam know who he is and this was against the rules but he does not like what he sees going on and decided that he had to do something about it. I felt sure as I read that this was just not a story about the failure of monogamy or the lack of fidelity in gay relationships; after all, that has done, redone and done again. Now I am sure that there are those that will argue with me about this but I could not help but think that perhaps the idea of the “gay lifestyle” means that we are free to do what we want, i.e. sexual activities and we really need not answer to anyone except ourselves. However, we must ask that if a person is involved in a relationship with another, does he have the right to have sex with whomever he wants?

I do not know much about author Kevin Klehr but I did know that it was not my business to ask him how he felt and I figured that I might find the answer in his writing. So yes guys there is a message here but not hardly the one we would expect.

The book is essentially about Adam and even though Wade is his partner we do learn much about him. Now Mannix is the extra guy and we really only know that physically he is very fine and we are told that he is generous with his feelings. He is also the catalyst for the action. Now I realize that what have I just written does not answer anything about what this book is trying to say. That is for each reader to discover and he will probably see it as it fits into his life.

I have had this book for about a month now and I wanted to make sure that I gave it a fair review especially because I so liked the first book in the series, “Drama Queens with Love Themes”. When I really like a book I want to makes sure that the review fits my feelings so I have deliberately taken my time in writing this. Both Adam and Wade succumb to Mannix’s seductive appearance and shy manner. None of the three guys know that they are being manipulated by otherworldly gods from the afterlife. Klehr wants the gods to also have some fun and we indeed see this as life becomes a bit harder to deal with for the three men who become pawns. The gods seem to think that discord is good for a few laughs. Klehr certainly knows how to tell a story but I am still not sure if we were laughing at the characters or at ourselves.

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