“Queer Youth and Media Cultures” edited by Christopher Pullen— Media Representations

queer youth

Pullen, Christopher, editor. “Queer Youth and Media Cultures”, Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.

Media Representations

Amos Lassen

Christopher Pullen has edited a collection of articles that look at the representation and performance of gay (queer) youth in the media—television, film and online media. The focus here is interdisciplinary focus and there is a diverse range of contributions from authors based in and/or writing about the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Turkey, India, Scandinavia and Africa.

The book is organized in three sections: ‘Performance and Culture’, ‘Histories and Commodity’ and ‘Transnational Intersections’.  Themes that we get here run from the context of queer youth suicide and educational strategies to avert this within online new media; the significance of coming-out videos produced online; the historical precedence of television and film representation; the representation of age-different relationships within film; transgender youth and the use of online media; educational video projects involving affirmation; cyber-bullying and hierarchies in new media identity; and include limitations in Scandinavian coming-out films.

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