“Rest for the Wicked” (A Jane Lawless Mystery) by Ellen Hart— A Solo Case

rest for the wicked

Hart, Ellen. “Rest for the Wicked” (A Jane Lawless Mystery), Bywater Books, 2014.

A Solo Case

Amos Lassen

DeAndre Moore moved to Minneapolis from St. Louis with his own plans however things are not working out for him. He realizes that he has bit off more than he can chew and he is need of help and so he knows that Jane Lawless, his uncle Nolan’s business partner might be just the person he needs. Lawless has just received her license as a private investigator. He called and left her a message but he was knifed to death right afterwards near GaudyLights, a strip club for men. Soon Lawless realized that he was not the only murdered victim.

Jane starts to investigate who killed DeAndre and if and how his death was connected to the others as well as why he had come to Minneapolis. This is her first case as a licensed private investigator even though she had done some amateur work in the past. As if the case is not enough, Lawless’ girlfriend dumps her and Lawless is confused and lonely but not for long. She meets Avi, a good-looking bartender who sends the detective’s blood rising.

Lawless goes to the club and meets the owner, Vince Bessetti who tires to get her to forget the murder and invest in the club. She is not ready for such a thing and focuses on Georgia, a law student/stripper and on Shanice the head of food service. She gets help from Avi who Lawless is interested in. I forgot to mention Cordelia, Jane’s best friend who also has advice to give. I realize that the plot sounds quite difficult to understand but I assure you that it is not and everything comes together beautifully. It is beautifully written and despite what I have written above the story moves along fine.

Hart gives us some fascinating characters here especially Jane Lawless who now as a licensed PI, discovers that owning restaurants and a sleuth can be quite hectic. The main plot of the murder actually is due to something that happened years before the book begins and there are also subplots. At this point I must stop for fear of spoiling this for someone.

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