“Homosexuality and Masturbation Refuted” by Prof WA Liebenberg— WTF???????

homosexuality and masturbation refuted

Liebenberg, WA Prof. “Homosexuality and Masturbation Refuted”, Amazon Digital Services, Inc.. 2014


Amos Lassen

We live in a world where anyone who wants to write a book about anything can do so and Amazon will sell it. How this piece of trash ever got published I will never know nor will I understand. Let me give you the blurb in the author’s own words:

 “Most homosexuals and their heterosexual supporters argue that homosexuality is an inborn condition, and one, moreover, that is no less valid than heterosexuality. They maintain that to discriminate in any way against a person because of his or her sexual orientation is the moral equivalent of discrimination against a person on the basis of colour or religion; that is to say, “rubbish” plain and simple. Jewish law also clearly prohibits male masturbation.” (Does anyone see any connection between these ideas?).

 “I keep hearing people say that YHWH hates sin but loves the sinner. Is it really what the Bible teaches? There are of course plenty verses in the Bible about how God hates the sinner. (Where are they?)  It is mind boggling how quick Christians can ‘select’ certain verses of the Old Covenant and then leave the rest out which as they say “does not apply anymore”…” (Can you give examples?)

 “The study proves: (says who?)

• Sexual relations/acts between homosexuals are clearly forbidden by the Torah. Such acts are condemned in the strongest possible terms, as abhorrent. (They are? Chapter and verse please—at least he spelled abhorrent correctly).

• The sin of sexual relations/acts between homosexuals is punishable by death by YHWH’s standard. (It is? Chapter and verse please)

• Homosexuals and pro-gay church leaders grossly misinterpret Scriptures concerning the relationship between Jonathan and David to promote homosexuality in the Bible. (They do?)

• Masturbation is forbidden in the Bible. (Chapter and verse please—what is written here seems to be part of the author’s masturbatory fantasy).

• YHWH hates the wicked and sin. (Define “wisked and sin” as YHWH [who?] does).

 Brace yourself, this booklet will challenge you!” (I am not challenged but I am amazed at your stupidity, however).

Yes indeed—you will be challenged—I am challenged to find the jackass who wrote this book and tell him a thing or two. I have no idea what Torah he looked at but it was not the one I read everyday. I have never read such garbage in my life and this man claims to be a professor? Why am I even bothering with this poor excuse of humanity? He is a lonely turd sitting on the toilet of his own life.

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2 thoughts on ““Homosexuality and Masturbation Refuted” by Prof WA Liebenberg— WTF???????

  1. Michelle

    Whoever “reviewed” this book clearly does not read TORAH or have any IDEA what is written in it, or who it is written of. What a waste of my time to have come to this page!

    What a twit!

    1. Amos Post author

      you totally missed the point of the review that shows you what a twit the author of the book is. Believe me, I know Torah and I congratulate on your ease at calling names to people you know nothing of. Did you learn that from Torah or did you come upon it all on your own? You did not. insult me since you showed the world what you are. Continue living you small life as you do now and remember not to touch your private parts

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