“Flick” (Volume 1) by James Robert Villanueva— A Special Guy


Villanueva, James Robert. “Flick” (Volume 1), CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013.

A Special Guy

Amos Lassen

One thing that there is no shortage of the world today are cheerleaders. Tony Lineras, the main character of “Flick” says that only two of then matter. After all not many people are born special and Tony is glad to let you know that he was. While he is on the stock show circuit, he is the best and he has many awards that prove that. He has no fear. But then Tony was taken down—after he pulled a prank against the team at Midway High School did not work and as punishment, he is forced to join the and learns, first hand, just how unimpressed by him they really are.

Because he knows livestock does not help him out with cheering and the team is determined to win the national cheerleading finals and life has suddenly become quite complicated for the guy who thinks he can do it all. Tony also knows himself to well and he is preparing to pull off the most ambitious prank he has ever tried.

There is only one problem— whenever he is anywhere near Kaily, the popular girl at school his heart turns over. Add to that that whenever he is around Jessica, a militant and fanatical captain of the team and her gay boyfriend, his heart beats equally as hard. Something is going to have to give but you will have to read the book to find out what.