“Nerdy Little Secret: Coconut Grove, Episode 2” by MJ O’Shea— The Saga Continues

nerdy little secret

O’Shea, MJ. “Nerdy Little Secret: Coconut Grove, Episode 2”, Wilde City Press, 2014.

The Saga Continues

Amos Lassen

When last we were at Coconut Grove we witnessed the beginning of a new show—a gay teen drama with hot stars and fun and erotic drama. It has begun to win over the public and it seems that what goes on behind the scenes is as, if not more, wild to what we see on the screen. We have a guy whose ex is now a rising star and he is determined to enjoy some of that, there is a diva with severe attitude problems and there are plenty of goings on both sexually and romantically.

Blair Fletcher is a 24 year old native of Key West, Florida and he has been cast in the lead of “Coconut Grove” and he is excited, to say the least. However he feels a bit insecure as this is his first film and the rest of the cast is experienced. However, the members of the cast rallied behind him and soon he finds that there is a feeling of family here—except for Howie is just mean and nasty to everyone. Tony is Blair’s hot co-star and his role makes him one of Ryder’s small and elite inner circle.

Then the rumors began—who was doing what with whom and Key West is the perfect location for that—actually there was more action off of the set than on it. Blair, however, once had a past with Sander, a good-looking, Viking-like athlete who had once been a jock in high school but who is now off to college somewhere. Sander, however, is straight and Blair is a totally gay guy who has not seen Sander since he left for school.

Blair does not have an easy time getting into the character of Ryder who is both intelligent and scheming and this is because Blair is just the opposite. He enjoys trying to decipher what Ryder is really like.

One night, after a day on the set, Blair comes home and discovers someone sitting on the porch of the house next to his and even though he cannot quite believe it, he sees that it is Sander. It seems that Sander, having been away for years, has lost his job and is now home. Sander gets a job as a carpenter on the set of the series and Blair sees him there everyday.

Some might call this story fluff and indeed that is what it is but fluff is not necessarily a negative term. This is just a fun read and is not meant to be anymore than that. The characters are fun, the plot makes sense and I enjoyed the read. So what if it is all predictable? —Many times life is also predictable.