“Acting Out” by Scotty Cade— Coming Home


Cade, Scotty. “Acting Out”, Dreamspinner, 2014.

Coming Home

Amos Lassen

Scotty Cade is one of the authors I always look forward to reading and not just because we are both from New Orleans. Rather I enjoy him because he is such a good storyteller and his prose is always excellent and a pleasure to read.

In this new book, Cade introduces us to Elijah Preston who returns home after a long tour in Afghanistan with the Marines. When he gets back to the States, he has nothing and has quite a time eking out an existence. He is living, if that’s what it can be called, at a cheap motel in Quantico, Virginia and he has no prospects to make money. Experiencing a chance encounter with Royce Mackey at the local Wal-Mart gives him a ray of hope but when he learns what he will have to do, he wavers. Mackey owns a gay porn site that features men in the military and he would Elijah to be his next star. There is a bit of a problem in that Eli is straight.
However there is nothing else on the horizon so Eli who is both broke and desperate agrees to take Mackey up on his offer and soon finds himself in a new world, one that he had never thought about.

Hamish Turner is an old hand at gay porn and he teaches Eli everything he needs to know and in the process the two men become good friends and this makes that first scene much easier for Eli. Both men notice that there is something else there that neither had expected or even thought about and the connection they share is also based on mutual attraction. Both men are curious to see where this will take them and an off-screen relationship ensues. Everything seemed to be going well until some fan mail from one of Hamish’s admirers demands that the two men stop performing together or he will do something about it.

Cade has created two unforgettable characters with Elijah and Hamish and we immediately sense what was going on between them. The plot is one of those that I did not want to stop once I began reading. The meeting between the two main characters is hot as are their other “interactions”. I found this to be quite a change from Cade’s other books. When Cade writes about romance he is wonderful and adding sex here makes him all the more realistic. What could we have expected when a porn star meets a newbie and breaks him in? Hamish comes across as a sweetheart which kind of go goes against the image I had of him as a wild gay sex machine and Eli seems to be a bit confused as he enters an aspect of his life that he had never considered.

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    Thank you Amos for you kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed Eli and Hamish. I so enjoyed writing their story although I had to suffer through hours and hours of porn to the research the “Gay for Pay industry. 🙂 Tough gig, but I guess someone had to do it.

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