“A Time of Confidences: Novel of Summer” by Jon W. Finson— Summer School in Boulder

a time of confidences

Finson, Jon W. “A Time of Confidences: Novel of Summer”, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; rev. edition, 2014.

Summer School in Boulder

Amos Lassen

Scott Van Met is off to Boulder, Colorado for the summer semester and he discovers the beauty of the place almost immediately. He also discovers David Stoltz who takes him hiking as introduces him to same sex love. We sense the love they feel for each other on every page as Scott is awakened to sexuality he was not aware of. As Scott loves, he learns a great deal about himself as well as about bigotry, hypocrisy, and class distinctions.

The prose here is gorgeous and the descriptions make the reader feel that he is right there in the pages of the novel. The mountains become a metaphor for what the boys feel for each other. This is not just a novel to read but also to savor. I found it difficult to believe that this is Jon Finson’s first novel because of the wonderful way the story unfolds and I can only hope that we will be hearing more from him.