“Here Comes Petrowski, but Where Is Riff?” by Michael Schae— Being True to Oneself


Schae, Monte. “Here Comes Petrowski, but Where Is Riff?”, Wheatmark, 2010.

Being True to Oneself

Amos Lassen

Riff Petrowski knows that he is attracted to other men but he believes that he is straight. But the, Sam Guymon, a handsome guy comes into his life and he helps Riff to accept himself and get over the way he was raised. The problem is that even though Riff can do this, the outside world is not willing to leave the new couple alone to explore their feelings for each other. Then a woman that Riff works with tells him that she is pregnant and one of Riff’s students accuses him of sexual assault. This results in a brutal attack by the police. to a brutal attack by two police officers. The story looks at a guy who learns to accept himself and Riff proves that love outweighs bigotry.

Writer Schae looks at the issues that gay people have to deal with in this country. Even though one of our characters was raised in a home where he is encouraged and accepted, we still see the evil of homophobia and oppression.  

The book is sweet and we look at the important issues of sex, tenderness, mystery, drama, legal and psychological issues as we work our way to an unexpected resolution. The plot is well thought out and even with the twists and turns, we still learn something here.

There is a lot of sexually explicit sex this is a great read for anyone who would like to  understand sexuality. The story is related through the eyes of Riff Petrowski, as he and Sam begin a relationship. The story contrasts the lives of two men with very different family backgrounds. We see what these two men face as they interact with others “first as acquaintances, then as husbands, including family, friends, acquaintances and foes”. The result is a heart-warming story that tears at our hearts.